Software Engineer (Full stack כל הארץ

כל הארץ - 76847

לחברה גדולה ומובילה דרוש מפתח FULL STACK.
Full Stack Software Engineer for development of internal and customer facing products for Semantic Web Data Collection and Analysis.

Responsibilities and Duties:
• Development of interactive Browser Extensions.
• Development of automatic testing tools using Selenium and/or Puppeteer.
• Development of data collection and analysis programs in C#.
• Development of client/server systems including implementation of RESTful APIs.
• Deployment of applications to cloud based services (AWS, Azure).
• Management and configuration of cloud-based services (AWS, Azure).
• Minimum 10 years as a developer.
• Minimum 2 years JavaScript.
• Minimum 3 years C#.
• Minimum 3 years HTML/CSS.
• Knowledge of HTML, CSS, XPATH and JQuery.
• Independent and able to work in a virtual company without day to day supervision.
• Ability to design and develop programs from requirements.
• Experience as a Project Manager or Product Manager.
• Experience with HTTP, FTP, VPNs, DNS.
• Experience with certificate generation, certification and deployment.
• Experience in Natural Language Processing.
• Experience with Mono or .NET Core.
• Experience with MySQL.
• Experience with SlimerJS, PhantomJS and/or CasperJS.
• Experience with Selinium, Puppeteer and/or Chrome DevTools.

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